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SAI stock tune?


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How would this car be set back to factory OEM tune status if required? Any one had any issues?

Can't say foor sure on the GT-H, I'm not that familiar with them. However, the custom performance tune on the SGT was written by Ford Racing and it's covered by the warranty. Can't imagine it would be any different for the GT-H.


If you overwrite the stock tune with an aftermarket tuner (SCT/Diablo, ect.), the original tune is stored in the programmer, and can be restored to the EEC on command. Problem is, Ford can tell now, the EEC now tracks flasheocvers. So, do it once, Ford will know, and your powertrain warranty is at risk.


This is why it's a good idea to consider SAIs mod shop for upgrades, your warranty remains intact, up to a certain point anyway.


Hope this helps.

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