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Windshield Visor


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I just wanted to make a special thank you to Revan310. I saw his GO SGT on SU with this windshield visor and loved it so much I had to get a set. It is called both a demon eyes or dragon eyes (depends on the website). Since I nickname my car the DragonSnake, I will call my set of windshield visors Dragon Eyes.


This is the jumbo size. I will order another set but in standard size to see if they fit better and then put these in my F150.


Thanks again Revan.


Notice how I took the bottom picture to make it look like the scoop is a nose and the mirrors are ears.





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ohhhh mannnnnnnn............never mind lol


you are getting as bad as my husband lol




Jusk kidding. I feel really bad for that guy.


Actually, there is room, I just have to go through the window. I went with the 8.5 foot wide trailer over the 8 foot and I'm glad I did. In the spring I will add some 2x4's on the floor with some more plywood to raise it a few inches where the car is so that the doors can make it over the trailer wheel wells. They hit now and I only need to raise it a little to clear them.

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