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The best Christmas Present


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Tonight I was out in the garage doing a little detailing on ol'5322 and I could hear some commotion in the house. Had the radio on low so I really did not know what was going on inside. With both of my son's still living at home, my mother-in-law, the dog and 2 girlfriends in and out all day and night I just don't pay that much attention anymore.


Then the garage door from the house opens and my son has my grandson in his arms and told me he was crying because I left and he wanted to come with me into the garage. He came to me and I picked him up and he kept pointing to the car and his favorite word "CAR!" He's only 19 mo. old but I'm still trying to get him to say Shelby GT/SC! :lol:


He is still not happy. He walks over to the door of the car and grabs the handle and points to the window.


This is what he wanted.










What is the saying "first make history, then repeat it". Brings back memories of me and my grandpa. What a Christmas I am going to have. I am a very fortunate man.


Happy holidays everyone.

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Now that is really cute! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Christmas and that's what it's all about.

Merry Christmas to you and Yours! :D

P.S. Better hide the keys ;)

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Great pictures. I guess history does have a way of repeating itself. I'm sure your Grandfather is looking down and smiling. :) Before you ship that car to Vegas, I'd be looking for a stowaway inside the car.

Merry Christmas to you all, see you in Vegas.

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Shelby GT $38,000.00


Shelby GT/SC mods $XX,XXX.00


Picture #2 PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!


And a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!





Well put, Bud. That smile in picture number 2 says it all--my son has that same "ear-to ear" grin when he gets in mine. It really is great seeing the way our children/grandchildren react to these cars... it seems the Shelby legacy will continue for years to come!! I've heard a number of people talking about young children like that say "I wish I knew what they were thinking" when they see the looks on their face. Roger, I think I've been able to read your grandson's mind "I wish I was 16, I wish I was 16, I wish I was 16!!!" :lol:


Happy Holidays everyone!

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I can tell you that the smiles on our children's faces are that same at 19 mths and at 13 years. My daughter (Daddy's girl) just loves to ride in the car. She has that same grin every time we go for a ride.


I had the opportunity a few weeks ago (when the weather was better) to take a couple of my nephews and his friends for a ride (they are all around 16 & 17). They think they have some pretty hot/fast import models. After the ride, all I could hear was... "That car sure is fast" and..."This car is alot better that so & so's rice burner"..."Wished I had one...I gotta get one"


Needless to say, they were extremely impressed with big smiles.


It is nice to have the only 08 SGT in a small town of approx. 10,000. Just went to a High School event last week (did not have the car with me)...Several students I did not know were coming up to me and saying "Your're the guy with that cool Shelby; did you bring it?". Word spreads fast.


The Legend will be kept alive through our children.

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Those pictures (especially #2) made me smile and laugh out loud! I don't have grandkids yet (thank god!), but I let my 24 yr old son drive Betsy when she was only a couple hundred miles old. He has a nice Cougar and loves Fords. He was smiling very big, nodding and he says, "Yup! that'll work!" Understated, but that's him!

Merry Christmas to all and the very best in this holiday season to everyones friends and family.

Keep em safe during the holiday rush... B)


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Roger, thanks for the great pics! They remind me of my oldest son (now 21) when he was that age. His look was about the same when I let him drive #3457 for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He's home from college for winter break. One of his buddies asked him how it was and all he could say was "Freakin Awesome!"


Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.



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