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Who bought or where is it?


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Just curious, but the Red/White Shelby that arrived last week at Texan Ford in Arlington Texas is missing from the showroon floor. When I last saw it (day after it arrived) was being washed up and going to the floor with no buyer for it. (can't imagine why... :doh: ) Did someone in here buy it? TIA.

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Oh, Im willing to bet they did get stung...but if they can swing 70-90K, probably didn't sting them much at all...



Isn't there someone on these boards that works for that dealership? I'm sure he can probably tell us what the ADM was.


On another note, I called one dealership in San Antonio and he has three coming in without buyers...at least that's what he said. He seemed pretty clueless about the car. But he did throw out they're going for about 40K with a 40K markup!


Anyone know when where the GT500 tour will be in San Antonio this weekend? I really want to go for a ride in one.

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