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2008 Shelby GT


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On 29 Nov 07, Amy reported 1172 built.




It took ~52 work days to build 1172 cars - they work 4x10-hour days/week.


So I estimate they will complete the 1533rd car today. And based on these assumptions, they will complete the 08 run in 30 work days (late January early Feb).


Once the registry is published, you will know how many coupe/convertibles etc.

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Using AFBLUE's estimated numbers:


SAI is cranking out about 180 GT's a week. That means they should complete the 1713th car today. Which would theoretically mean that No. 1716 (mine) should be completed in tomorrow's batch! :D


Here's to wishful thinking anyway! :)

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Just wanna say "Hello" to you all.


I took ownership of my 2008 Shelby GT convertible last Tuesday night, Dec. 18, 2007 in Sacramento, California.


CSM #08SGT0887


Took her out on the freeway today for the first time. Dayum........what an experience! Hope to share some pics when I come back from Cloud 9.


Welcome to the SGT club. I can now officially welcome you as I joined last Sunday. Also welcome to the site. Lot's of nice friendly people here.

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