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Shelby signature wall - lets see yours!!!


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If you have a picture of the Shelby wall...post it!!!


Ok, I thought it may be fun to see other members signatures. If you have ever visited SAI in Las Vegas, you may have signed the Shelby wall. I was there in June when I did the museum pickup. My signature "BERGSHELBY" is in the middle but there are many other signatures in there...


So if you have a picture of the wall...post it....let's see who has been there.


A special thanks for clark17357 for capturing my signature. I was in so much shock when I saw my car for the first time that I forgot to ask John if I could take a picture (it was in a top secret area of the shop). Clark17357 was very nice to do so for me on a trip he recently made. A quote from Clark speaks to the customer focus of John Walker. From Clark..."It was interesting to ask John Walker where your signature was. Without missing a beat, he answered, "Right over here." And there it was.". Thank you Clark and thank you John.



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