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Birthday Bash Transport from New England Update!


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Here is quick update on the transportationn status for those interested in getting cars from the New England area to Vegas for the Bash. There will be a deadline on committments which is right around the corner. We would like to have firm committments no later than December 21, 2007. If you are on the fence on transporting please see the links below. This is a "first class" carrier with excellent credentials. He is an independent owner/operator with the best equipment.


This is a once in a lifetime price for a once in a lifetime event



Here is the original link for contact info if you are interested in reserving a spot:




Anyone who may be concerned with the carrier should click on this link:




With the expenience in transporting Boomington Gold Corvettes and the quality of the rig it may ease any concerns you may have of "first class transportation" for your ride.


Please contact Tim at his number in the first link. We have 4 spots taken and 2 remaining at this point.

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