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CS6 News on Shelby forum wonder how a KR would be handled


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I was checking out the Shelby forums looking around I saw a post that has me wondering what in the world Shelby American is actually doing. I was under the impression the CS6 was a Shelby lead project, I see the parts ordering and handling part be farmed out to another partner and now they are sounding as if they are just going to let CS6 project meander around without any oversite by them.


Heres the last page of the thread its about updates on parts delivery and certification of the CS6 kit



The reason I posted this here is if Shelby was planning to do a KR version it might not turn out as some of us hoped it would the response I see coming from them concerning the CS6 kits and parts in general isn't exactly blazing in speed. I see alot of questions but not alot of statements about where things are in the pipeline and basically answers to honest questions. The outside vendor is the point of contact and will be keeping track of who is buying the full conversion kits so they can recieve plagues and the like. What really struck me was people want the kit for the looks and to have something Shelby developed for their mustang. The kit won't be in the SAAC registry but a unqiue performance done car is allowed in as a continuation car if I'm not mistaken. Just seems to me SA isn't handling this right you came up with the kit if your certified installers do the work it should be allowed in the registry. If the person does it on their own they don't get in the registry but get documentation / certifications for the kit simple. The registry isn't a big deal to some folks but to others it is. SA could have laid everything out early on about what was what concerning the CS6 seems like they let things get to a point where they are under the gun now.


It just makes me wonder what they would do trying to get a KR done the folks over there are either distracted with something really big or just spinning out of control. People bought into the idea of this as a shelby inspired kit now its like we are done with that someone else is handling it. Thats not how to make money your organization needs to keep going. Plus Shelby American should be driving this project and looking over the details not some other company its Shelby American's rep that will suffer it things go sour.


Makes me also wonder how much effort they would put into a KR version of the GT500 I know a high price would be there for it. I would really hope it would be a kick a** car but seeing how they are going with the CS6 makes me wonder.


I guess not having a GT500 to drive around is making me think to much :D

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