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Brenspeed Low Octange


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Has anyone with the Brenspeed tried the settings for low octane (87 or 89) to save a little on gas? If so, how was the performance?


If you are expecting to under-tune performance for lower octane fuel, yet still be able to hammer down for some fun, you are going to be disappointed. You'lll prolly end up beating on the car harder.


I know it can be done, I have done it with the SCT tune. But, around me, the difference between 87 and 93 octane is about 10 cents a gallon. That's a buck forty per tankful, and if I were to burn two tanks of fuel a week (which I haven't done yet), that comes out to 145.60 per year. Considering the loss in performance, under-tuning doesn't make any financial cents to me.

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I have a Brenspeed, got a 93 oct, 91 oct, and a 87 oct . I am currently running the 87 tune and it is fine. It seems to have a surge that comes in at about 3500 rpm, kind of feels like a 4bbl carb kicking in. The other two tunes don't have the same feel. but are fine as well.


I would be interested in the hp #s but I don't have any info for that. Brenspeed is only about a 3 hr drive, I have thought of going up and doing the dyno on each of the three tunes, maybe next spring.


MAP #687

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