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super rare or screw up?


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I was wondering if every shelby owner has matching numbers?

I just bought my shelby gt my csm number is 4648 on the dash and the paperwork, however i opened the hood at the dealership and the csm number is 4646 :o

I almost didnt buy it because i know how important numbers can be to the authenticity of the car.

the dealer told me they would contact shelby to either get a new plate for the front and /or a letter stating that this was a factory mistake to add to my paperwork.


Does anyone out there have my under the hood badging for csm 07sgt4648 If so i may have theirs for csm 07sgt4646


have not heard yet what shelby will do to resolve the problem yet.


any ideas from anyone whether to just leave it alone and call this rare , or must i do everything possible to make these numbers match? :unsure:

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