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Evel Knievel Dead


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Saw him @ Ceasars Palace when Robby jumped the fountains, I was on the Strip that early evening. I really wanted Robby to splat just like his dad and I lost $20 bucks to a total starnger in the crowd in the front row because he made it. Now after he is gone and thinking back I always loved his saying:

" When I hit the ramp, the crowd is with me. When I am in the air, the crowd is with me. When I hit the other side, I am all alone".

Evel Knievel my prayers are with you and your family ~

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So sad for the Knievel Family my best wishes. :(





I use to be a bouncer at a club in Sacramento in the early 70's. The owner of the bar was best friends with Bob Craig, aka, Evel. I partied with Evel a few times. A very nice person and a quiet guy in private. RIP...bro!

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