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Another present in the mail


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great Roger, that is going to be a nice touch to the interior.

Calm down on the install my friend, you have all Winter.




I know Michael. I need to relax a little. Will do.


Nice wheel, Roger. IT will look great, more like a racing car!


Take your time installing it. I suggest you keep it on the bench for a while............

by the way do you lock your garage at night???




Thanks Tim. No I don't lock the garage............but my German Shepard ocassionally sleeps in there :o :lol::lol:


that thing looks great. now if you would only have spent the money to get headrest covers for you car instead of going cheap and not getting them. :lol:

michael morris



No kidding Michael. Should have gone with the headrest! :P



Where did you find that?






What did that set you back? It is awesome, i love it!


It was a lot Swede. But if I don't spend my money, my kids will. :blink:


The wheel was $375 then the conversion was $1250.


Those steering wheels are beautiful, are they tough to install with the air bag?




Not too bad. A member here had one done at a Ford dealer and they charged them 45min. labor. My friend who is a Ford Master Tech. said it should take about 20 min. You also need to purchase a new steering wheel bolt as they are one time use items.

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Looks great! Congrats! I looked at that wheel about a week ago but my wallet's a little sore right now & baby needs a new pair of shoes. Much Congratulations Again!!!!! Cool Wheel


P.S. Changing the air bag is no big deal, Just make sure you disconnect the battery for at least 5 Min. before you begin removing it.

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Looks Great Roger!!

Can't wait to see pics post-install.


One thought, maybe instead of carbon fiver you could have went with a cheap yellowish-white foam to match the headrests!! :D :D j/k looks nice.




You know Larry, I was thinking of that ..... :lol::lol::lol:


As Michael Morris says........I like doing things on the cheap!

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