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Cruise to Newport RI


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Guys, the pics are great, but Adam -- you have to lose that front plate!! :o


Thanks Wes, several reasons:


1) I don't want to give the police any reason to pull me over.

2) When I got the car, I noticed the stripes were starting to indent where the drilled holes were for the plate bracket. i figured over time they would get worse and all I could vision was someone going up to the car and picking at it with their fingernails and tearing the stripes so that helped confirm to put the plate on.

3) Finally the main reason - read the information about my plate in my sig. Someone here on this forum, and I think it was Swede, thought this was "one of the most brilliant things he ever saw."


I'll post all this on the other link of the same title so we don't have two of them.

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