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08SGT0646 is home


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My wait is finally over and my childhood dream is a reality- there is a Shelby Mustang in my garage right now. Big thanks to my family for letting me go through with this (more thanks later when it goes back for the S/C), Michael Morris for his patience with me (and paperwork help at the end), with John at SAI for securing the number 646 for me, and to Adrienne for the wonderful Museum Delivery.


I can't say enough good things about Michael Morris and the way he does business. Every phone call was returned, every question answered, everything I needed was taken care of. Four days before my Museum Delivery, my truck was broken into and my briefcase was stolen. Not a big deal except all of my Shelby purchase paperwork and titling information was in it. Since we had driving the car home from SAI as part of our plan, I had to get the car registered. One phone call to MM, and duplicates of everything were being overnight shipped by DHL to me. Thank you MM.


Fast forward to Thursday morning. 10 am at DMV to handle registration, 11:30 to airport, 1:00 flight to Vegas. Spent an enjoyable evening there with the family, knowing there was not much sleep in my future that night.


Off to SAI early Friday morning (tired, but not sleepy), and was greeted at the door by Adrienne. For those of you who haven't been to SAI for the tour, it is a must do, akin to seeing the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore during your lifetime. Seeing and understanding the history and passion behind our cars and everything else that Shelby has ever touched is inspiring. Adrienne is the perfect person for the tour and museum delivery. She was excited, passionate, and knowledgeable about everything Shelby, and the tour was just a build up until I got my car.


I saw a lot of forum members names on the wall when we signed, it felt like more of a family as we added our names.


Once I saw it, I just walked around and looked. I didn't get in until someone on the tour reminded me it was mine and told me to get in. Sitting there, looking at the dash plaque, I realized everything had come full circle, and I finally had my Shelby. John came out (thanks again for my number!) and even the guys that assembled my car came out and met me. I think John said mine was the first 08 museum delivery, but I'm not sure, there was so much going on. My main goal in life at that point was not stalling the car in front of everyone as we started our trip home.


We had a wonderful drive home, enjoying and getting to know our new baby. We drove home on a portion of Route 66, stopping along the way for a bite to eat at an old diner (but no food or drinks came into the car!)


It was great to be able and have my son experience the museum delivery, since this will be his car someday.


Thanks to everyone here for answering all my questions, and thanks again to this forum, however long it still survives!


Here are a couple of pictures, I hope they post, I haven't done any before.

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That is great to hear that 08SGT0646 is safe and at home. 07SGT0646 is on the east coast and 08SGT0646 is on the west coast. One is cold and One is warm. Now you can join SGT646 club or the SGT club. Sorry to say but your pic don't work try photobucket.com

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Hi Mark,


Great looking car. Just stunning. I, too, must compliment you on the urinal in the garage. I have already copied that photo and e-mailed it to my wife to add to my Christmas list. :lol: Post something every few days or every week or so as you learn about your car. As I was waiting for mine, one of the things I enjoyed most was reading the posts of new owners. Jim

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dang i wish i didnt have to butcher my shelby hood pin plates to get them to fit


i filed out the hole to make it wider in one corner because the stud was rubbing there then i realized i could have adjusted the stud brackets to line the studs up with the hole better <_< ....oh well

i'll probly file out the hole more in the other corner so it wont look lopsided :rolleyes:

that rat tail file works better than i thought it would :blink:


honestly? i feel like burning these things and get some new ones and start over again :angry:


again, congrats on your new Shelby. u'll love it

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