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Can anyone advise the current status of the CS6 dash plaque ?


One minute it is a special, hot off the press, prototype plaque that you are requesting our opinion on...

however... a couple of days later it is already a part of the 2008 catalogue and is included with a new CS6 package in it's current form.


You made it seem like we might actually have some influence over the final production plaque when in reality this was already a done deal and we just received a sneak peak before it's official release.


I wish for a change, someone would just step up to the plate and tell us the truth....we are all big boys & girls here and I for one am tired of the two step..


So...how do we get one?....when do we get one?


If we are missing a component or two before we get the turn one or turn two plaque how do we confirm what must be purchased to reach the next level and who will police this in an expedient manner?


The plaque is now issued at point of purchase so there is no way to confirm if the parts ever make their way on to the vehicle or not which defeats the whole "kit completion" theory to make a valid vehicle.


If that's the case, why not just sell the plaque like you do with the GT-500 ones ?


I bought items like the hood grill & lower grill that will never be installed due to personal taste and I know the stripe package will just not go with the color scheme so that's also out.


I also think there should be a certain amount of flexibility in determining completion since it isn't a registered vehicle regardless of the plaque.


The original CS6 package price was also much higher that it currently is so for equivalent items one person could have paid substantially more for less components than a current buyer.


Ford also developed things like the "pony package" that have become available after the original CS6 package release whcih upgrades the base car with GT style handling etc.


I would just like to see as many people as possible with these plaques on their dash regardless of a technicality or two.

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