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Check this car out!


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O man, I want that....for my second car.



It's funny you show that picture, just last weekend Sherri and myself stopped at a local Dodge dealer. We're looking for another vehicle for Sherri, since the Shelby isn't quite the daily driver we anticipated. Went to look at a used Saleen, which they didn't have, but the Shelby drew lots of attention. Had all the salesmen checking it out. So we started talking about the Challenger because I really like this car. Salesman we talked to was pretty cool. He actually knew what he was talking about, didn't hide the fact that they were going to charge an ADM on them. But they're not taking deposits yet, because they have no firm confirmation as to when they are getting them. The salesman reminded of MM, no BS, straight up kind of guy. The info I've read on these cars is 4500 in the first run, SRT-8, 6.1 liter, 425 hp, auto only. Future runs V-6, 5.7 and a 6.1 a year or two into the production, with 500hp plus and Tremec 6 speed. So I plan to let all the other guys pay the high ADM's, just like the PT Cruisers and wait and see what happens. I'm in no hurry. Will treat it like we did on the Shelby GT, doing homework and all options available. Ya Ya, I know, it's not a Shelby, but I am going to buy another muscle car. The Challenger and the Cuda would be at the top of the list. By then maybe Shelby will have something new that strikes my fancy. You must admit it's one bad a$$ looking car.


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Don't sell your Shelby just yet... :o


This is what is being said about the "Cuda"...


Sorry Carscoop, you have some bad information concerning this car. The car is privately owned by a gentleman from California and was built for him by Metalcrafters in California (same company Chip Foose uses for some of his work). The owner started out with a 2006 SRT8 Charger and had it converted to the Cuda you see before you, it was converted from a 4 door to a 2 door and had the wheel base reduced to 116 inches, the drive train is stock SRT8 6.1 Hemi and the ENTIRE body is formed of carbon fiber. He was invited to display it at the Mopar Performance display at SEMA. Chrysler did not design this car nor do they have any plans to produce it.




After a night drinking at the Hard Rock with some Mopar insiders, we learned that this car was funded by a wealthy Mopar fan. It's built on a shortened Charger chassis and Mopar put it in the booth to gauge public reaction.

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