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got the cover / navigation system


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I have been following two threads. 1. The cover: when I took delivery of my GT500 last March there where two sealed packages. (I had ordered the "BRA" which I have no intention of putting on the car) and I assumed the second was a top boot (which does not exist). To-night I went to the storage area where I put all of the plastic etc which came with the car and opened the opague package. It is the cover. I quess I am the town idiot. (I have an extra cover off my 67 FB big block which fits perfect). 2. The second thread I have been watching is the sale of the 07 convertible. They state the navigation system is "very rare". How would they know? When I ordered the SVT information on my car this week (expected delivery date mid November) they told me the information sheet I will be getting does not track Navagation systems. He also told me they do not track the number of GT500's exported from the U.S. I was surprised by that. For example, I was told by multiple sources that there where around 400 exported to Canada.


Oh well... I bought it to drive and she went to sleep to-day for the winter with 10,000 kilometer for this past summer.

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Hi Doug,


Not sure where you are pulling your info from, but the boot cover does exist, I got one with my vert. The Nav unit was a late 07 addition, so a 07 vert with Nav could be low production volume .... not rare, but low production.


Hope this helps...

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