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2008 SHELBY GT Questions


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I'd first like to say hello to everyone. This is my first post and I have been lurking on here for a while. I'm a US Service member currently deployed and I have a few questions about the SHELBY GT.


First, I was really looking into the GT500, but seeming you can't find any through the Military Car buying services and being that these cars are still demanding a high premium, I thought the SGT was a good option as well. I actually like the looks of the car more than than the GT500 and being that it is a cheaper car, it seemed like the perfect fit.


Now, excuse me if this has been covered before, my internet is slow and unreliable so I try to research as much as I can but this seemed the best forum to get the quickest answer. The Military Car Sales Rep I have been corresponding with says he still has some 2008 SGT coupes availabe. The price sheet he sent me though shows the MSRP at $43,000.00! That's like the base MSRP for a GT500. Now he did say he can give me some discounts bringing the car to $38722.00 delivered. While that seems to be a good deal by his price sheet, it seems high compared to the prices I have seen on this site and others with regards to the 2008 SGT's. Everything I have seen has them going around $36 to $37K. Is the price he quoted me a little high? I figured maybe that was a fully loaded model, but the price sheet he sent me wasn't very clear as to what could be deleted or downgraded, if anything. Any advice would be appreciated and sorry for the long thread.

Semper Fi,


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Matt, I would send a PM to Michael Morris, refferred to on this site as MM.

Several forum members have bought their cars from him including Service members and I am sure he can get you the best price taking into consideration, A/X PLAN, Military discounts, etc.


He is a stand up guy and you cant go wrong. His word is gold.

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Becareful comparing 2007 prices to 2008 prices. In 2008 SAI gave the dealers a MSRP. That was not the case in 2007. SAI had only given the dealers a parts invoice. The 2008s should be running about $1500 more then a comprably equipped 2007. My 2007 price was $39,910. With the added $1500 that would make it $41,410. Also your options will vary.


The shocker is the convertible. Right around $50k MSRP.

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