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Pics from SEMA

dave c

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I hate to be negative BUT!What the hell was that piece of crap in sporty flat black with the two aero hood scoops!That has got to be worse than any ricer turd I have ever seen!Somebody needs a good ass KICKIN! for that.

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Here's a link from a local forum with pics from SEMA. There is two pages with posts in between pictures. So keep scrolling down. Yes, there is pics of the Mustang with elongated tumors on its hood.







Dave - As usual you come up with the big find here, nice job. I love the 1966 Black fastback, looks like my old 1966 GT K Model fastback-

Thanks for the look-


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You talking about this?

I think this is one of Michael Mores cars. :lol:



That is the most disgusting use of plastic and fiberglass I have ever seen,These idiots killed a perfectly fine car!How does some crap like that even get into the SEMA show,What the hell are they selling?Mad Max would be proud!

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