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another Shelby fan !!!!!


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well today i went to walmart and as i was coming out a guy pulls up next to me and starts asking questions about the Shelby and complementing how nice it looks !!!! he then told me he was in the process of saving up for a dp on a new roush that he has been wanting for along time ! after talking to him for about 20 min , i asked him if he wanted to go for a ride around the parking lot real quick since there was hardly anyone in the lot yet , he said sure so after a quick spin and checking out the Shelby for 20 min. he said he is no longer going to get a roush and he was converted to see the light "Shelby all the way " was his closing words as i left the parking lot and left two nice long black stripes on the road !!!


of course i didn't bother telling him about the forum selling out to mustangsunleashed or that we got burned on our custom gas caps , out of embarrassment i left all that out !!!! :D

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