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X-plan, $1K rebate, 3.9% (36 mos) financing now available on 08 SGTs


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Shelbydude and Grabber informed of this last night on teamshelby and michael confirmed this morning.


For those in the military who aren't x-plan eligible you can get $2K off ($1K rebate + $1K military discount)


According to Michael, the military discount can't be used with the X-plan.



Good deals to be had on the SGTs :)

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Michael already got my paperwork all taken care of, I'm just waiting to do my museum delivery whenever we can get it scheduled. Now I'm really getting excited about the car!!!


has john got back to you yet, i know with SEMA he has been REAL busy. if he hadnt got back to you in a few days i will start emailing him again

michael morris

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Hey Guys,


At first i like to introduce myself really quick. I´m Benny, 25 years old and from Germany. I´m waiting on my ´08SGT, which arrived SAI two weeks ago.

Can someone tell me more about the military discounts. Are they also available for me as a german military, that is stationed in New Mexico? What do i have to do to get these discounts?


Thanks Ben

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