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New pictures of the Terlingua cars on the front page


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they are good looking cars. good job BUD!!!

michael morris






Don't thank me, thank Gary Davis, Vince, Phil, Jesse, Craig, Andrew, Lamont, Carl, Tony, Roman, Justin, Akos and of course Amy and Mr. Shelby and Bill Neal. I had nothing to do with this vehicle execpt for taking pics of the complete build. Thanks for the kudos anyway :D And the hood I showed was for the Terlingua diecast I am working on. I did NOT design the original hood, I was just making one a wee bit smaller :)






Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!! Don't forget to turn your clocks back!!!!!

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I think the team did a fantastic job in capturing the essense of the original with todays technology. Great job to all of them. I hope we can see some of the parts crossover and be made avalible to upgrade or modify the SGT's.

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