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Hood scoop again !!


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Hood Scoop again !!, Shelby Parts ...warranty

I'm getting sick and tired of the run around (AMY ) from Causeway Ford in Manahawkin ,N.J. I've Been waiting 3 weeks for my racing strips and 4th new hood scoop ! Now today I was informed by the body shop that Shelby isnt going to do a dam thing ... Now.. all of a sudden , they want a photo of the hood scoop (Again) and why I'm upset !! You.'ve got to be kidding !!! Why am I upset !!!! lets see.... the hood scoop is deformed and sticking up In fact.. I stuck a comb between the hood and the scoop in the space where its sticking up for the photo to be sent to shelbys service rep !!! Now I'm going to pursue the Lemon Law !!!!!! 3 times to repair ...and your out !!! Car has 419 miles on it .. and I cant enjoy it Im pissed offf !!! Where the hell is Carroll Shelby ...C'mo Carroll , look at your creation and what they did to it !!! This whole thing is a dam joke ! Not only that ... the body shop said No way in hell is he going to put rivots in my hood !!! Cause thats not the new fix ..Thats because there aint no fix !!! Its screw the customer !! Well we'll see about



I luv my Shelby even with the F-uped scoop! B)

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