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I'm speechless - I'm out of speech....


In my next life, I plan to be wealthy. :baby:


How could you get any work done there?



`RUFDRAFT` -- How would you like a job there washing the G.T 40 `s & SHELBY`s THe only way to dry them is to drive them as per dealer.

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Awesome. Are the gt40's sold?



The grey and red/white GT's are sold. Today, we added a white/blue stripes GT (will sell by Monday probably) and tomorrow we're adding another grey one and another Heritage. By tomorrow evening we should have seven in the showroom, but the red/white is leaving Monday. Not pictured are a grey GT (sans MacIntosh) and two Heritage's enroute to their new owners.


more pics of the black one (yes, it's dirty - the new owner took it for a spin in the rain):

post-5356-1154059220_thumb.jpg post-5356-1154060128_thumb.jpg



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Rat - you ever get the urge to take a GT-40 and just head east?



every day. I actually drove one to the gas station (with the customer's permission of course - we don't have 93 octane on site). We do a lot of work to police cars, and I actually got a police escort for the short journey. Didn't go above speed limit...well, not too much. Cool-squared!


Surprisingly easy to drive except for the huge blind spots. Very smooth, firm, and constant acceleration.

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