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A little project of ours

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About a month ago we started on a new project for our CEO.... he has always been a huge Shelby fan and had previously build an incredible factory Five Kit Cobra.... This year he purchased a new 2007 GT500 and we decided last minute to build it for SEMA to be in our booth..... Theconcept behind this project is to give it some of the older late 60's shelby styling with of course a full audio system but without the weiht comprimise so it can still be a performer...



We hooked up wit Modified Mustang, Performance auto and sound as well as Car and Driver who all will be doing full step by step articles onthe build up of this as a DIY project which it was done my bosses garage.... with me trucking away for days and noghts to get it all done on top of the rest of our projects for SEMA....


Since the concept and Idea we have acquired several sponsoring companies including-


Ford Racing

Shelby Wheels

Shelby Performance Parts

Shelby Motors






Evo Mustang Performance


Baer Brakes

3d Carbon

Rob Ida Concepts



Aero Catch

Phoenix Graphix

Maximum Motorsports

Carbon Creations

Maxima Technologies




Here was our Shelby prior to work being started





Due to the regulations we have implimented on us by the magazines the goal of this project is for all of the work when completed which included a alteration of the vehicle with similiar effects and styling of the 67 gt500 as well as some of the asthetics from the california editions for more of a retro style modern gt500. In addition the final weight restriction for this vehicle is no more than 100 lbsof added weight after all is said and done so we are weighing every part comming off the car tha isnt necessary and every part that is going back on even down to the installation materials for the stereo install...



Currerently I have not even started the installation for the project for the stereo. I am currently awaiting the new hood grills which are being custom made by Rob Ida concepts which will math the pairing front hood and lower valancegrills with a stainless steel diamond woven mesh..... as well as integfration fo the front grill lights like on the older gt500's


We also changed the side skirts to somehting that allowed for better blending of the factory lines between the the bumpers and the side skirts from 3D carbon.


For wheels we changed to the Shelby CS66 Wheels 20 x 9.5 in the front and 20 x 10.5 in the rear. We are runnig pirelli P-zero tire's...


For suspension we are using the Eibach Pro springs which ended up with about a 1.5 drop. We are also runnig Ford Racing adjustable shocks and Eibach Frontand rear sway conrol. We are using Maximum motorsports prototype lower rear control arms, adjsutable panhard bar, rear cross brace, and custom tri frame support


For brakes we are using the Shelby Baer brakes extreme brake package upgrade for front and rear....


We also added ford motorsports rear diff cover, short shift kit, drive shaft loop kit, and also a custom made composite drive shaft replacement.


We also removed the factory silver stripes and replaced them with grabber orange stripes and also increased the distance between the stripes for moreof a hot rod effect.... trust me its not to big of a gap.



Then we replaced the factory intake with a K+N intake, EVO performance stage 2 pully kit, Ford Racing valve covers, Shelby performance parts billet hardware kit, MRT hood struts, and had some ofthe factory pulley's custom CNC's from polished billed to replace the factory pulley's.


For the body we added side window and body scoops from 3dcarbon, MRT rear window velours, and traditional shelby logoing removing the newer badge styling. Also the rear lower rocker section and front spoiler was smoothened and painted then a 1" carbon fiber splitter lip was added to the front.


For the interior the inside is being completely redone by Katzkit with their new baracuda Black/Orange leather and also midnight black leather.....


Also Shelby performance parts satin accents were aded thruout the inside to keep the theme of the vehicle consistant....


Other than that its all going............. step by step....
































Here is a finished shot minus the hood grills which I am getting today from the powder coater...





After SEMA I am doing a full heaad to toe photo shoot of the project to show every little detail and performance mod of the project... .also we are looking at doing the Kenny Bell Supercharger swap and new intake manifold after we get back from SEMA...



Also the one mod we ran out of time for before we have to leave today we are swaping out the factory valve covers with the Ford Racing Blue SVR Covers.... but oh well....

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That car is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only concern is the center mounted lights which look great but, do they reduce the air flow to the radiator? The original 67's had inboards but, they were moved to the outside of the grill because of air flow to the radiator.

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Where can I get the MRT hood struts ? :unsure:





you can get the hood struts at www.mrt-direct.com



honestly.... the hood struts was one of my favorite convience features of the entire project...



Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only concern is the center mounted lights which look great but, do they reduce the air flow to the radiator? The original 67's had inboards but, they were moved to the outside of the grill because of air flow to the radiator.





This is true about the 67's. We have had some road time with this and if you examine the front end closely all thougth the lights are in the center the radiator opening is very wide and the shrouding for the radiator is almost as wide as the grill itself. in one way its very like the standard GT grill.....



I dont forsee any issue with the placement of the lights on that grill but who knows we will see.....

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