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GT500 Rolled At Thunderhill-Video


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I hope the guy was alright :( ???


video - see my post below for a new link to the video


picture http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e346/GGo...pg?t=1193205420



A lesson learned here, watch the stearing wheel as he goes off the track, it doesn't look like he straightened it out before he went off the pavement and as he started to slide he holds the wheel tight and doesn't try to countersteer out of the slide. When he heads towards the edge he doesn't turn the wheel back towards center and as he goes off the pavement the leading front tire (drivers side) digs into the dirt and over he went...Also, he went over the hill to fast...the weight shift helped the rear-end slide out as he went into the turn after the apex of the hill... Ya I know, I'm being a back seat video driver :rolleyes:


Uuuugh, another trashed GT500, what a bummer for the owner...



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need alittle help with getting to the video. i saw the image, bummer. but the link to video only lost me to tons of other stuff (some amuzing mind you). would love to see the video discussed though.

thanx in advance.........poohtang



Yes, I noticed that too, I guess photobucket will only allow this IP address to access the video a couple of times, after that the link directs you to their homepage.


Try this web site for the link to the video, it worked for me:





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