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Build and SAI Dates for Us Walk-ins

jaydub Mach1

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Well, I for one am jealous of the members that were able to order their cars and follow it through the building and SAI process.


However, I understand the angst that went along with the waiting, anticipation, sleepless nights, delays, delays, delays, etc. that I am not so envious about. :lol:


But for us walk-ins, those of us who walked into the dealer and bought the floor model, I was wondering if there's a way to determine the dates it was built, went to SAI, etc. I guess it would be similar to the "Oasis Report" that Ford has.


Has anybody researched this?


Thanks :)

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There is a guy on one of the Ford sites, (possibily even a Ford employee) who can run a report with your vin and get every date associated with your build, I just cant remember exactly where....

The dates the car was serialized, built, shipped, etc.

someone help? I think Roger knows.....but he is a little busy this afternoon! :blink:


Otherwise, maybe a dealer can run your vin number?

But these will only cover the build process, as for the SAI process, socaljafo nailed it.

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