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Drive from Las Vegas to Reno


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Hello everyone,


Just returned home from an 1800 mile trip after museum delivery on oct. 15th. What a great way to break in a new shelby!


Adrienne, John, and bud are such good people, and I would like to thank them for the way they treated me the time I was there. Also I had the true privilege of meeting Michael Morris and his wife who were with me troughout the delivery. Thanks for the $11,000 savings! You all have heard the delivery story, so I won't go through it again.


I had SAI add cs6 hood, cs6 grill w/lights , silver razors, brake package, and sequntial signals to white #4191. I kept forgetting to ask about the csm#, and didn't know what it was until i first saw the car. I'm trying to figure out how to post the pics I have, but am having a hard time, so till i figure it out you can look at them on flickr.com and search for shelby at lake tahoe. If someone has an idea how to get those pics on here I would appriciate it.


Right from the get go the car was a blast to drive, I left Vegas and went to Phoenix for a few days, from Az. I went to the coast at Ventura, ca. back to Phoenix and finally back up through Vegas and home to Reno. The twisty bits of the trip were too much fun!


Anyway, thanks for letting me look in on the forum and get an idea of what everyone was/is doing to their cars. The posts from many of you were what helped make a great looking car even more unique to me. Thanks again to all.



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Ramo1 great news! Sounds like a great trip. I think I did see a pic of your car at delivery in Michael Morris shots he took at SAI. Welcome to the family and congratulations. I'll jump onto flickr and see if I can post them up for you.

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