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FOR SALE!Tuner,cold air package.


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Okay i guess i should have been more specific with the ??? so did u get a different tuner ,if so what 1 did u get and how do u compare the 2 ??? did the diablo turner not change that much to keep it???


The Diablo Tuner is an excellant piece of equipment,But proprietary to certain year models,07-08,Where the SCT covers a wider range of years,not always a big deal.The Diablo and the C+L,on a 07 Mustang GT made a huge difference,Believe it or not the 93 octane tune picked up massive driveability and a fuel mileage increase,no lie!Now herein lies the SGT Problem,The SGT comes with an FRPP Calibration ID that the Diablo does not recognize,So it will only allow you to modify the FRPP tune,And you better know what you are doing!Because modifying fuel and spark tables is a touchy thing for the due it yourselfer with out any data loggng equipment.That being said,Diablo will set you up with a performance tune,For free if you are nice because they want to sell more tuners,BUT,you have to download the FRPP tune to your computer,Easier than you think,E-mail it to them for them to modify,And they will send it back to you to upload into your car,Your ride won't be down because you are sending them a copy of the tune from your computer,You can reload the stock tune at any time because you now have a copy saved for good!Easy to use,Yes on a stock GT,Not so easy on SGT.But that being said the procedure is not that hard it just takes a little time,But it is worth it.The C+L cold air set up KICKS MAJOR AZZZ!I ran a guy that had an 07 GT,BBK cold air,Some sort of tune,I had the Diablo tune,C+L,And Flowmaster axle backs,no power from them just sounds better,On my 07 GT and I smoked him,From a roll,From a dig,Didn't matter!Now the SCT TUNER from Brenspeed comes ready to roll,No up or downloading tunes to the computer required for an SGT,So it's easier to use,But I don't have any back to back comparisons on that!So if you have an 07-08 GT,This is truly a deal.Works with SGT,But as I stated earlier it takes a little work,But for this price,IT IS A DEAL!The C+L COLD AIR IS #1,Do some research and you will see!

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SGT MAN..... you may goto BlackMustangClub.com and throw it on their classified section. Someone on there will probably buy it. Alot of people looking for CAI and Tunes. Just a Thought.



Thanks!,I'll give that a try!

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