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When I got my SGT I thought I would miss my spoiler. I had an 05 mustang GT...yes different but the same. Anyway I dont miss it at all now. It had grown on me and I think it is perfect IMO. And no more cleaning around or under the spoiler when you wash. To each his or her own. You bought it, you mod it :)

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Oh gosh...that looks nice !


I still have my GT500 spoiler sitting unpainted in the bedroom. I just can't decide. It has grown on me without the spoiler.


You can buy the stripe kit from SPP for the GT 500 spoiler.



Yeah, same here, I was all over THIS CAR NEEDS A SPOLIER, until I had it for awhile and decided naww...in fact that's one of the first compliments I get on the car believe it or not! I can't count how many times I've been told "it's cool without that spoiler" I even had a GT500 owner that was next to me at a car show comment he wished he didn't have one. BTW: he said the view out the back was really obstructed by the GT500 spoiler.


I go back and forth...I need a magnetic one!



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