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Clink's Shelby GT/CS is Home.


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Hi All,

Just got in From LV. Too tired to go to the Drag strip tonite. Sat on the freeway for over an hour with the Shelby in tow. Never found out Why we were sitting on the freeway.


We would like to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for every thing you did for us today, You made receiving our Shelby GT/SC Fun and exciting.


Thanks to Bud, John, Adrienne, Jared for your help today presenting us with our new family member.

The car turned out way better than I thought it would. It is not just a car, it looks Mean, It has personality. This experience was way more than we expected


Thanks to all of you guys there at Shelby, You are very passionate about the cars you build and the customers you face.

Debbie and David Clinkscales, The Clinks




The Mad Shop Apparrel-with a mad Picture "Blurred"




Here she is........




Bud and John



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CONGRATS MAN!! thats what my car is gunna look like! first one ive seen that looks physically like mine will in almost every way. very very nice! mines supposed to be in the mod shop right about now or early this week, my 65 just got hit last night, hopefully ill get this new one soon and get the 65er in the shop.

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Michael, See that big guy standing next to Bud? Remember, he has his back. And beneath that heavily bloused button down is one RIPPED dude. honestly. -John


you sound like me John, underneath all my FAT theres a perfect 6 pack!!!! :lol:

im not worried about yall, if i get in a fight i just fall down and roll up in the fetal postion and play dead. yall will get bored kicking me after awhile. LOL

dont forget ill see yall in 1 week, so if you have been on vacation it might be a great time!!!

michael morris

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