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Painted Lower Front Center Panel

jaydub Mach1

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I apologize if this has been discussed before. But, I just picked up my SGT last Saturday and I am a newbee.


I see the lower front center panel is painted white on early (white) cars. On the later cars (and mine) it is painted black. Was that a mid-production change or..???


Thanks :)

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No production cars have the lower fascia painted. Only the two prototype cars were painted white on the lower area.


I saw one of the prototype cars at Tasca and after seeing it in person, looking long and hard, I decided like the black better. Three reasons; first it matches the back of the car, second it will not show minor curb scratches or rock chips, finally after seeing it in person I found I liked the back better. I was going to paint mine but have decided to leave it as is. I know some people have and that's cool I would have been fine either way but now it's not worth the added $$$, TO ME.

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