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Bought GT-H#488 for Export to the UK


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Hi everyone on the Shelby & GT-H Forum.


I have just bought GT-H#488 from Ramey Ford in Tennessee.


I hired #214 in Orlando Florida this January whilst on vacation with my family & did not want to give it up!


I am shipping the GT-H to the United Kingdom where i am based to share garage space with my Black 66 289 Mustang Convertible!


I think it will be only the second GT-H in the UK so far!


I will post some pictures when the car arrives by ship to the UK.


Kent Thirley

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Yes, the GT-H has a long way to travel.....usally ok if my past experiance is anything to go by.




Congratulations Kent ! !


I understand exactly how that happens.


We rented #481 in Las Vegas last October. As of this past Monday (10/1/'07) #372 is now ours.


Hope the car makes it across with no damage.


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That's great that these cars are popular over there, where there weren't even offered for rent! I guess getting two bucks for every pound sterling must make the decision a little easier, even with the shipping / customs.


Definitely send a photo once you get it!




Yes Mike, the pound/dollar rate is good right now. When i hired #214 in January/Feb this year Hertz were starting to off load some GT-H's & they were being advertised for $60 to $80,000.00 USD!!!


So it just goes to show that all good things come to those who wait!!


Just got to wait for the car now........

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