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SUV's and Cars are on different scales and treated differently as are trucks.




Not entirely sure, but I believe that light trucks, of which SUVs are a component, are exempt from GGT.


More interesting is why SAI's test SGT experienced average city and highway cycle results as low as they did, when many, if not most, of us are doing better on our observed mileage. Had they tested my car, there would be no GGT.


The 2006 Shelby GT-H's did not get hit, but maybe b/c they were sold to Hertz as GTs and then SAI converted "used" cars, rather than converting "new" cars for Ford to sell through its dealer network.

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GGT goes to IRS.

IRS = crooks.

GGT = theft.


Any more questions?


It's supposed to discourage the purchase of cars that are not considered fuel efficient but it's based on government standards and regs I'm not sure they even understand.




I'll pass your post on to my brother-in-law, he is a district manager for the IRS! Yes the Internal Revenue Service- Oh can you please give me your current address & Social Security Number just to make his reply quicker? Thansk much- B)



EDIT: Just kidding!!!! :P

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just another excuse to get more of your money. <_<


IRS = Income Raping Service

GGT = Greedy Government Tax


edit: it was supposed to be taxed on the car makers but they just pass it on to the consumers. it was there to discourage the car makers from producing gas hogs. but now the gvt just figures it would dscourage the buyer from buying gas hogs so the car makers would quit building them.

but i think the gvt is just playin us.

if they really dont want us to buy gas hog vehicles they would put a huge ungodly gas tax on SUVs and Trucks that get 3 FEET to the gallon instead of cars with 24 miles to the gallon.

ok i'm done editing...i edited this 7 times :wacko:

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