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Interior pieces


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I have the "SHELBY" motion sensor version of the map light trim and think it looks great. Before pulling the backing off the mounting tape make sure it fits tightly against the contours (bend in slightly if needed), others have had them fall off. Apply a spot of silicone to the inside of the push button covers to keep the on. I plan on ordering the shoulder belt trim but I have a few other items I'd like to get first. Trying buy my mods a little at a time.

Good luck

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I've been considering a couple of the interior pieces and I was wondering if anyone has tried them yet.


Map Light Accent


Shift Boot Trim


Shoulder Belt accent


I have the shifter trim and map light accent. The shifter trim is easy to install with the double sided tape and looks nicer than it does in the photo on the web site.


The map light accent looks good but you have to be careful. It is very thin. Before you stick it shape it carefully to fit the contour of the map light as this will help it stay. I then used the tape with some krazy glue on the ends and it has been fine. The button covers do not include tape so I just crazy glued them and held them on overnight with some painters masking tape. I also used this tape to hold on the accent piece while the glue dried. I also have the silver door lock knobs and the billett coat hooks and they look nice.

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