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Mod shop customers & Guage Pod availability


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I ordered a sc gauge pod some time ago with my shelby/pax supercharger kit. I am on the "back order list" for a gauge pod ( but have an real low serial no supercharger #0016). I know the online store says guage pods will be available in November 07.


My question is are you guys who are getting cars thru the Mod shop ( apparently with gauges for most) hearing anything about gauge pod availability ? are your cars coming thru with gauge pods ? Is mod shop getting all their needs for gauges filled or might that explain some of the long waits foruum memnbers are expieriencing waiting for cars ?


any news on this topic is news to me



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I really think this a supply and demand issue. They had the limited edition 07 Cali SGT's for a promotion which included the guage package. I don't exactly remember but I think it was 200 cars or so. Then the 40th. Anniv. cars being built, the mod shop cars and the 08 Cali Specials and the Super Snakes. It would seem to be supply that is causing the wait time.

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