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Sway Bar Upgrades


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I was just talking with Steeda about sway bars for the GT500, within the next week they will be introducing a new rear sway bar kit specifically for the

GT500; the bar will be larger than the O.E. 7/8" bar and the kit will include Steeda's billet endlinks and urethane bushings.


Coupled with their adjustable front sway bar, adjustable front sway bar end links and billet brackets it appears that Steeda may have the best

sway bar upgrades for the road racer and/or autocross destined GT500.


If you are interested in going that way plan on spending $950-1000 :blink: for the front and rear competition sway bar set-up from Steeda.


I've also been looking for a tubular front sway bar but I haven't found a manufacture that makes a drop-in upgrade for the GT500. Speedway Engineering

does have the components to make your own, but it will take some work to fabricate a set-up that would work and have adjustability. The tubular route

would be nice as it could shave apx. 30 lbs. off the front of a GT500 but I'm not very good at bending metal and heat treating...


Sorry if this seems like a advertisement, it's not ment to be; I just wanted to pass on some research that I've been doing to get my

GT500 ready for the track ;)




This was take 2 days after title on 8/25/2006


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