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Gt500 tuner and air intake?


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Does anyone have any reccomendations for tuners and cold air intakes for the 07 GT500?





The following was posted several months ago on this board, the entire thread can be found here http://forum.shelbyautos.com/index.php?showtopic=1345



I installed a cold air intake (CAI) from JLT and also bought their SCT pre-programed tuner for their CAI on a GT500, the tune and CAI added 76rwhp. The SCT tune wasn't spot on though; the air/fuel ratio was a little lean, not dangerously lean but not spot on. An hour of dyno work and some re-programing got everything in order and added another 5 rwhp.

If I was to do it over again I'd probably only buy the CAI from JLT but not their SCT programer, I would have let my local speed shop provide the tuner (SCT or DiabloSport) and work up a program using their Dynojet.

The CAI is a good place to start and the one from JLT is arguably the best one out there performance and engineering wise and it looks the best out of all of them IMHO.


After bumping the HP you will really notice the rear wheel hop which can be cured by upgrading the upper and lower control arms on the rear differential, check out Steeda or BMR for control arms.


Hope that helps,


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I went with the Stage I CAI & Evolution Tune. It's easy to install and really wakes up the car. Gave me about 80 more HP at the rear tires. I have about 518 at the rear tires now. :rolleyes:


Here is the kit before installation:



Here is the kit after installation:







And here is a video that shows that you do get a quarter inch of clearance under the Strut Tower bar when you install the Carbon fibre tube correctly! Click on Video


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I also went with the stage 3 JLT intake. It included programer, one range colder plugs, 2psi smaller pulley, idler pulley. Suggest you order the pulley puller from EVO when ordering this kit, makes the job much easer in removal of the stock pulley. X-pipe. I also added Borla back cats. Increase in rwhp is estimated @ around 100hp increase. Guessing at about 535/540. I changed the stock rims out to CCW 9.5x19 front & 11x19 rear. She now is able to put the power to the ground. Good kit, build quality to a high standard, would recommend this kit to anyone interested.


Michael Keefe


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What's next Grabber? Pulley, gears, suspension?


I see a possible pattern starting here...Snakeitis? It has a powerful bite. :D




I am waiting for the UPS truck to deliver my BMR Lower Control Arms so I can start upgrading my suspension system. One thing at a time. It's going to be a long winter here in the NW si I have plenty of time for some more Mods this winter.

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Grabber do you think the strut tower brace will fit under a ford racing supercharger.



I am currently looking at puttin a supercharger on my 2007 GT/CS. I am looking at the 2 that are available in the Ford Racing catolog now and it says that the Ford Racing Strut Tower brace (part# M-20201-S197) is not compatible with a supercharger.


You can go to the Ford Racing website and you will see the SC's and all the cool stuff that they have there.


The 400HP SC is $5,474, and the 500HP SC is $6,439 (parts only).

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