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Ok, I am considering buying a PC 7424 and want to know from the experts how to best use it. What pads and attachments do you need ect? Thanks for your help.



I only use the white pads. I also have terry cloth bonnets that go over the pads that also work great for polishing. You don't have to use the bonnets but I have some left over and I'm trying to use them up. They actually will tear up the buffing pad quicker so I don't really recommend them. Just use the white pad and it works great.


I apply wax with one terry cloth bonnet and then remove either by hand or with another clean bonnet. Even if I remove by hand I still polish/buff with a clean bonnet or with the white pad. It really brings out the shine!


I also have a 10 amp rotary polisher with orange, yellow and then a wool polishing pad but - excluding the wool polishing pad - I never use it on the Shelby or any dark vehicle. It will burn the paint quickly if your not careful but with Magnum 357 (www.topoftheline.com) and the orange pad, I can remove oxidation, paint overspray, deep scratches and pretty much anything else that might be stuck on the car and it leaves a wonderful shine. The Magnum 357 with the 7424 took out the deep scratches I had on the roof of my Shelby after an incident when I first got the car. Magnum 357 is a heavy cut leveler/polish. For swirls and light scratches I use HT-61 smooth cut.


You can do the same with the 7424 as the rotary polisher but it takes longer since the 7424 is a dual action machine. One thing I will say is never take the 7424 off the car without stopping it first and start on a slow speed when applying wax/polish/leveler or you will sling it everywhere.


I buy my pads through Ebay. 3 white pads were $15 plus shipping and I would recommend keeping spares on-hand. You really don't need any other pad unless you're trying to remove scratches but with the above mentioned leveler, the white pad works fine.


One of my "quick" wax jobs (it still takes about 2 hours) is to clean the car with Windex. Just spray, let sit for a few seconds and then wipe. It might leave a few streaks but it's not a big deal. I then apply wax (in this case Mequiers NXT) in sections to the car and then buff it in with the 7424. After it hazes, I remove by hand then polish or if I'm in a hurry I remove the wax with the 7424 and polish at the same time. It looks like a mirror....

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