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Shelby Collectibles 1:64 scale Chase pieces


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Hello ,

I would like to ask a Direct Question concerning the latest rounds of 1:64 scale Shelby Collectibles.Are the Black GT350H's that are being found currently in the K-marts with "White Interiors" in fact " Chase " pieces ?

The reason for this question , is because it's hard to believe that these are the Chase pieces even with the White Interiors , as they are being found all over the country now , 4 to a case , with some stores getting 3 and 4 cases at 4 "Chase" pieces in each.It's hard to believe that with those kind of #'s , that they are in fact the "Chase" cars for the latest rounds from Shelby Collectibles.

Alot of people on many of the Die cast boards would like a Final word on these supposed Chase pieces.If it is a Factory packing issue , then that needs to be addressed with the people that are over that end of the manufacturing process.


Thank-you ,

Frank G.

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Can Anyone from Shelby please Reply.ALOT of People out here think that your White Interior Black GT350H's are Chase cars , when they are finding them 4 to a case at the K-marts.They have dropped in proce/value on the open market to $10.This should not be the case if these were in fact TRUE Chase pieces.A Final Word from Shelby American would be appreciated by ALOT of people out here.





Your right, the white interior cars should be chase cars, I read the diecast boards and from what I see the white interior GT350H cars are common. I think that was a mistake somewhere. Mark


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