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Car wash concentrate


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What have you guys been using for car wash concentrate?? I bought some meguiars, but not all that impressed with it.


I just use something called Blue Corral I picked up at wally world. As long as it bubbles up well, it's breaking the surface tension and letting the water do it's job.

A squirt of Dawn works better than anything and you can presoak with it as well on the nasty nasty parts. I usually spray the hose and turn the bottle upsidedown allowing the soap to trickle into the stream and bubble up on the car.


Uh-oh, I can hear the anti Dawn people warming up their flame throwers now! :D


I do Environmental work for a living and Dawn is one of the more "Environmentally friendly" soaps out there. That's why I push it a little harder than most.

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For routine washing, I've been using the Armor All Car Wash concentrate for a few years now, w/ good results. More recently though, for no particular reason I picked up a bottle of the Meguiars Deep Crystal car wash but I havent used it yet.


Lately though, mostly I have used the Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash system. I was skeptical at first, but this really works well and drys spot free w/out any towel drying necessary. Where I live the water spots terribly and this takes care of the problem.




Dawn is great for the tougher wash jobs and removal of oil / grease. It will remove wax also, so I usually wash my car with it prior to an application of new wax.

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