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Vote for sexystang (Laurie)


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Hey everyone, I was just on the SU forum and found that sexystang is trying to get votes to become 5.0 Mustang Magazine Babe of the Month.


Let's all pitch in and try to help her. Go to this site and vote for Laurie:




Then, go to the top of your browser to Tools, then Internet Options, then Privacy, then drag the bar to the top until it reads Block all cookies. Then, after you vote, you can simply refresh your browser and vote again. When you're all done voting, don't forget to drag the bar back down.


Come on all, let's pitch in and help our friend sexystang. Her husband/boyfriend is the one who took the pics and is fully supporting this effort.


Here is the post on SU. Don't bother reading it all as there are 17 pages already. Just go and vote for now and when she wins then go back and read.




Good luck sexy!

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<bleep>, that kinda breaks it down :huh:

Tell us how you really feel Swede! :mellow:


My "d*a*m*n got a bleep, but not his t*i*t!

Whats up with that!!



Well Wicked, after I saw her it kind of brought back memories of a gal I used to date and it reminded me of her knock out bod & looks. I have a weakness for gorgeous women, beautiful homes, good wine and fast cars! Sorry if I offended anyone! B)

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:o Offended?, heck no...I could hear you singing...'I really like your peaches want to shake your trees'... B)


I still cant believe they bleeped my d*a*m*n and let your tits go thru. :huh:



Why are we talking about swede's breasts??? :lol: eeeeeeewwwwww!

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