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Not going to pimp my ride!


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When I first got my GT I was thinking about the stuff I could add. Like a cool billet gas cap, Shelby wheel

caps, sequential tail lights with the shinny trim. I was convinced that I needed them.


Then I saw the nice white mirrors and quarter window covers. I thought I needed them too.


Some folks need a SC and new wheels and grill. I thought about that too.


But the more I thought about all the neat stuff, the more I see others doing, now I think my car would be

more unique if I just left it alone. Keep it pure and simple just like Shelby designed it.


I don't knock those who add cool stuff, more power to ya. Some folks have pimped their rides though. Again,

more power to ya.


Call me a simpleton, but I'm keppin it simple. And pure.

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I am keeping mine the same as well, no chrome trim or billet parts all araound, just clean and stock.


The only thing I am going to do is put on a Paxon/Shelby supercharger.


Az, I remember back when I started this whole program in February. My first call to John Walker was asking about the S/C. John's reply was something like this "I'd rather be able to stop first before I can go faster." Therefore, for you or anyone else, I can't stress enough to get upgraded brakes if you get the S/C. John was so correct in making that statement. Please get the brakes with the S/C. You won't be sorry and may just need them that one time. Sorry to put the safety guilt trip on you but I would hate to read about you in the paper or on this forum saying "I wish I had better brakes."


CrazyDave, don't apologize for keeping it the way Carroll and team designed it. Although most will likely remain "stock" it still looks awesome that way. All the extra bling is cool too (I absolutely love my car and wouldn't trade it for anything) but you certainly have a fine looking automobile the way Carrroll wanted it. Enjoy!

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I really loved looking at all the SGT'S (&Shelby's in general) at Tasca......checking out all the cool things people did to "personalize" their cars....some great additions.....some kinda questionable ones....but all in all, I got a kick outta seeing the directions people took their cars in as a matter of taste.....


however, for me, I do love it just the way it is and am going to leave it that way.


(Except for the 14" antenna and hood struts I will add over the Winter)

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Im thinking about chopping about 3 inches and lowering the roof as well as some off road tires.


Calm down guys, Im kidding.


But I do like the idea of personalizing each vehicle to fit its owners style. I also like vehicles the way they were intended and rolled off the line. I will only be adding items which can be removed easily and the only thing in store for mine is an alum. lower grille. Other then that, for now, it will remain original.

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Those pics remind me of a meatehad I saw at tasca. he showed up in like a caddy all ppimped out, and I mean pimped out. It had some stuffed animal in the back seat strapped in. I was waiting for him to get out of the car with platform shoes with fish in the heels. I dont know if Roger or Michael saw the guy or not. My son and I were looking at the Cobras and he was driving in to park the car. The guy really needed a blanket party.

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