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Dumb question......


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My Shelby 'window sticker' says that the Shelby GT Package includes the FR1 and FR3...


Has anyone had the FR2 also......?


well I'd have to get the FR2a cause I have the automatic.......


or would this just be a waste of money........?


I'd ask the mechanic at the dealership about it....but I dunno if it is a dumb question or not and would rather have everyone here laugh at me than the guys at the dealership...... :lol:





If you feel the need for speed, get the Drag Pack from FRPP. This kit harkens back to the days of big block Ford power and provides the modular Mustang engine with that same big block performance. With the Drag Pack, you’ll launch harder and accelerate faster while maintaining factory drivability. Expect to shave 5/10ths off your 1/4-mile ETs with this kit.

Drag racing should be conducted at enclosed, dedicated facilities only.


Fits 2005-07 Mustang GT with automatic transmission.


See www.fordracingparts.com for 2008 applications


Kit includes:

90mm Cold Air Kit M-9603-GT06

3.73 ratio Ring and Pinion M-4209-F373N

Gear Installation Kit M-4210-A

Shorty Headers M-9430-S197C

Performance Oil Filter M-6731-FL820


Premium fuel only


Pro-Cal tool with official Ford Racing calibration, sent separately after online registration of Pack


Due to multiple calibrations, online registration is required to receive Pro-Cal tool after purchase


Pro-Cal tool voucher included with kit


Reduces 1/4-mile ETs up to 1/2 second


50-States "Street Legal" (E.O. #D-598)

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