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To weld or not to weld


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Without getting into a long story, I need to weld the left rear hanger for the muffler on my SGT,


It "was" attached to the muffler, but the weld came undone and now I am leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, no time for the dealer to help. (as if they could!)


there is a shop here at my office, but the shop mechanic expressed concern about welding something while its on the car.

Something about disconnecting the battery or being worried about blowing out the computer.


What is the procedure here. I think a quick weld will get the 2 reattached, but I obviously dont want to create a bigger probelm than I already have.



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Disconnect the battery. Also I would cover up anything you care about on the car. Sparks flying off will be hot and damage paint and such. If that doesnt hold try Adam's duct tape ;) GL and let us know how you made out. if we dont hear from ya see you in a little over a week at Tasca....WOOO HOO :)


I dont remember if you installed a custom tune or not but if you did yo may need to reload that, I am not sure.

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Thank you, & thank you.

Of course the new muffler didnt arrive in time at the dealer, (actually the first one they ordered did arrive in time, unfortunately it was for a Mustang GT) :huh: BUT THEN THE TECHINCIAN TRIED TO EXPLAIN HOW MY CAR WASNT A REAL SHELBY.......that however is a story for another day.........yadda yadda yadda...I was out of there.

Driving 250 miles tomorrow & just want to make sure I dont lose any exhaust pieces on the way up to MASS.


Good news, just drove my car out of our garage here. Our mechanic re-tacked the rear bracket to the muffler, no more rattle, everything secured, problem solved.


Thanks again.

Now I am ready for ........THE ROAD TO TASCA!! :D

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