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Annual Shelby GT events and communication


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All, as we wind down with the 2007 Shelby GT program, I have noticed that some owners and some of the old timers (those that ordered back around Nov06-Jan07) have gotten your cars and are not on this forum as much anymore (obviously because you're driving your cars or you're sick of us complaining that we don't have ours LOL).


Anyway, recognizing that over time we’ll all rarely jump on this forum, I would love it if we could all somehow keep communicating over the years. This forum and others are a great way for that communication; in addition to the annual events such as the SAAC events and others. With that in mind, after a while, I'm thinking that it would be great if we all maybe made some effort to check this forum at least annually. I would suggest Aug 11 (which I think was the launch date last year), but with August being a vacation month, I'm leaning more toward January 27th which is the day (I think) that 07SGT0001 was sold at Barrett Jackson to Mr. Ron Pratte.


So, let's all remember to check this site around Jan 27 each year to see what's been happening over the years. If for some reason this site ever shuts down, then maybe SAI can recommend another site like stangsunleashed.


Also, I think it would be great if we all figured out some annual event to try to attend and have our own little gathering. I think it would be silly to try to make our own gathering when there are plenty of other venues.


Naturally the annual SAAC events are my first choice. That is great since it switches between the east and west coast, they are well run events, they’re a lot of fun (and racing) and they are great memorable events.


Then, I would assume that at some point maybe the S197 club will throw together some annual events (such as this past weekend’s AAI event). And, maybe SAI may do the same. Then of course there is the Tasca Day event but that's not fair to the west coast guys having to foot the bill each year. Maybe the Ford HQ or AAI might throw an annual event too?


So, I think the SAAC is best, followed by any potential event S197, SAI assembles and then maybe Ford/AAI. SAI is great since it is a fun destination and a little more central than Tasca. Ford/AAI is more central too of course.


Oh, and for those worried about the SAAC, I'm sure there are some sort of plans to include us more at some point. We are included for the annual and regional events. They are typically slow to adopt programs as they are methodical with their business plan according to the many things I've read. They wait to see how things pan out rather than jump right in. I think they got burned with the Dodge program in the 80s’ (my guess). Obviously this 2007+ program isn’t going to die, but they are probably pretty busy with the SVTOA program they just picked up so they probably need to ramp up for all of us.


So, this is just another one of my crazy thoughts (like the Shelby song and the Tasca thing) so please make suggestions, recommendations or funny comments.

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