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Shelby GT Width Dimensions


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Can someone tell me the actual width of the SGT?


I see that the specs read that it's 73.9 inches wide. But what does that mean?


1) Is that the absolute widest part of the car (from the edge of each mirror) or

2) is it the widest part of the body or

3) is it the width of the outsides of the tires


Those of you with 20 inch Razors and 275 tires on the back, would someone mind giving me the dimensions of those tires outer edges (ie width)?


Anyone know the dimensions of 1, 2 and 3 above?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Here is some information i dug up for you. First I don't know if it includes the mirrors in the total of 73.9" but I would suspect that is does.


The tire to tire width is measured as the front and rear track which is 62.3 front and 62.5" rear leaving 11"+ on the outsides of the tire track. I would suspect that is the total overall width.


Measuring for something particular? :P

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At lunchtime today, I ran over to the local dealer who had originally ordered an SGT for me (didn’t buy it because I saved over $7k elsewhere). The car is still there. It’s a sweet looking car but they ordered it without IUP (good thing I didn’t get it).


Anyway, I wanted to make a template of the lower grille area so I can cut up my CS/6 grille I received last week to make a lower CS grille.


While there, I measured the widths as follows:


1) Stock wheels outer edges – approx 72” so that must obviously be the 73.9 inches quoted on all the spec sheets.


2) Mirror outer edges – I estimate this width at approx 82”.

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