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GT-H for sale on AutoTrader

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Only 6,386 miles and asking $69,998!!!!



Oh, and it is only one of 25 made available to the public!!! LOL


And this one has 7,499 miles and they are asking $64,995 but is listed as a SGT.



This one shows a pic of a SGT. It has 11,106 miles and they are asking $62,995 .



This is car 87 with 10,051 miles and they are asking $55,805. And this one is also listed as a SGT. :blink:



And here is a rare Mustang GT Deluxe. It has 15,321 and they are asking $49,895.



This one may be too good to be true. Only 5,178 miles and they are only asking $46,750!!! Don't know what it has on the Carfax. Looks pretty clean.


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WAIT! There’s more!!! :)


A Mustang GT Coupe with 13,316 miles and they are asking $44,995



This one is a possible. No pics and the description is useless. Guessing by the mileage and the price it is a GT-H. Carfax shows it was a rental in FL and then auctioned in GA. Has 16,792 miles and they only asking $36,988.


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In my recent search of NW dealers, there wasn't one car offered for LESS than $53k. I think many dealers in this area of teh country bought early and bought high and are now regretting it. Especially since comparable cars with only slightly higher (and sometimes less) mileage are readily available for $45k or less.


I love these guys offering cars with 16,000 or more miles at $55,000 and up. Get real, these cars are valuable, but those aren't 24 karat gold stripes!


Mike (in Portland)

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