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Anybody here driving a red/white on the 400?

Mustang Joe

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My son was driving south on the 400 coming into Toronto about 6PM today and he saw a red with white stripes coupe heading north, at a rather rapid pace. :lol:


Was that anyone here?



Joe. I was headed to Newmarket from Barrie when I saw it at around Bradford.

It's actually a GT done up. It has Top/Side Stripes and Cobra Emblems. No Shelby Front End, bottom edge molding, SHELBY decklid or GT500 fake gas cap. No I didn't get all that detail when he flashed past me in the opposite direction! I live up towards Orillia and he's passed me several times on Highway 11 after my dayshifts. Damn Clones!! :rant:

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Damn! :rant:


I was hoping it was you rushing home to post pics!


Hear any word from Bruce yet?



I called Bruce on Tuesday. No clue.

The first time that car came up behind me, fast, I was like "what the.....!"

As he passed me I saw the side Cobra's and was hopeful..but then I saw the rear. Nope.

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