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A message to all forum members (the middle)


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Times change and so do our priorities. First the new house then the family and always looming is work and career aspirations. They did and always will take priority.

Having many cars in my lifetime I could never really find a link other than to re-create a special car from a special time. I guess I was living out my subconscious when I completed my first restoration and re-creation of a 66 Shelby GT350. I was a great car and my son helped in the garage quite a bit. It felt at times I was reliving my youth through my son. The garage became his favorite spot to hang out and I enjoyed the company. I guess it was our special bonding time. Later I tried to re-create the past with a Contemporary Cobra 427 SC. Guardsman Blue, White stripes. Great car but not very practical with 2 young boys and a wife. Then add a career re-location and the car was gone.

About 4-5 years ago I finally was in a position to do something special. I followed the Shelby history and was just fascinated by the 1965 “R” models. I found a shell in TX and had it shipped. Over a 2-3 year period I would spend every extra moment in making this car as concourse and perfect a re-creation as possible. Still with my eldest sons help we would continue to work side by side both of us learning and teaching each other in many ways. I learned from some of the most famous shops in the country about the impact this car had on sports car racing history and would pick their brains constantly. Most machining work and chassis set up work was completed by the most successful race shop competing in the SVRA, vintage racing circuits. The car came out spectacular. Too nice to vintage race and I sold the car to someone who would value the car and maximize its capabilities. At that time I had the passing of my Dad, Mom and one of my younger brothers within an 18 month period. My heart just was not into completing the objective of racing the car. It became insignificant.

Forward to March, 07. I found this site due to my interest in the release of the SGT. I was a guest only and then in May I joined. I had a 1995 Cobra “R” that was in concourse condition and was not driving the car at all. I put the car up for sale and contacted Michael Morris of Wayne Morris Ford in Perry, GA. It ignited the early passion from many years past. This forum was extremely instrumental in my decisions and direction I would take. I owe a great deal of thanks to many of you. As the process evolved Michael and I were discussing specific CSM numbers. We learned about the assignment together as we called SAI. Bud Mahoney and John Walker have been an invaluable asset and SAI is lucky to have such dedicated employees within its organization. Thanks to both of you and the tireless efforts of Michael Morris the journey has been invigorating.

I followed the protocol of inquiring on a specific CSM and without much luck. Michael was also involved. When we were able to sort through the process we did find out that my original car had been “Shelbyized” and assigned a specific number. Trying to keep track of the last number built vs. the number requested there seemed to be a 1000 + car gap. I was confused. I would give up my place in line at the mod shop; anything but I just needed to close out a meaningful chapter of my life with this car. The past kept haunting me about the relationship with my grandfather. I had all but given up and was looking to abandon the SGT purchase all together and find a GT500. All of time wanting a serial number far enough out that we had a good chance it was not assigned. It was consuming too much time. I have received some very encouraging and inspiring PM’s from members who have never posted and been members of the board for some time. You know who you are and perseverance and determination does pay off. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

Two weeks ago in a 48 hour span, my dealer, SAI, John and Bud made this whole thing happen. Michael had several cars in for conversion on the ground at SAI. Some were not completed. Michael and I spoke daily to find a way to just make this happen. And it concluded in part with my “pilgrimage to SAI” this past Wednesday.

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